Maud de Kok

Strategic Interventional Life Coach


She was born in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
Her mother became famous in the Netherlands as a female actor in theater, movies, and television.
She is having 2 brothers who were born when she was 11 and 13 years young who have their own lovely family's.
With the love of her life,  she is having 2 children and grandchildren and he is having 5 children and grandchildren so they together have 7 children and 7 grandchildren to take care of although they are already grown up.
They love to travel and enjoying life and sometimes you do not need more than just relaxing at the sea...


Life is full of ups and downs and at the time of downs, you sometimes need a helping hand to sort things out to get on the right track again.
Especially at this time when people need a new job or see that they want to change their relationships to others, she is here to
make the difference that is needed. For help with problems in life, you can contact her by filling in the contact form. For help with working online, you can click here.

At the moment she is working as a coach at Paravisie.nl mostly in the evenings.

For personal readings, you can fill in the form at the Contact page. (on the right top of the page)


She started working already at 13 years young, bringing newspapers to the houses in the neighborhood.
When she was 17 she did education for working at an office and start working at offices but it was not really her thing.
When she was 24 she started an own bar with a terrace and owned that for 3 years.
When her children were born she started to work at a supermarket next to her home and she studied so she could have a supermarket of her own but while she was working there they asked her to become a "Drogist " and a manager (at a "Drogist company", a kind of drugstore) so she studied medicines. After that, she has been a manager for years.
She stopped when people were robbing her store and she went away to live in Spain for a year. She started doing cold selling there and after stopping that she worked at a real estate company and at a lawyer's office.
When she came back to the Netherlands she managed a few building companies with other people. She learned a lot at that time.
Her health forced her to do things differently. Her back was operated on two times and after that, she was fortunate that she could still work as a driver of disabled people.
She is almost 60 now and her life is good. She is having a great partner and a very sweet family.
One day she saw the movie of Tony Robbins and she saw that he had really great and fast results with coaching people. At that moment she decided to have a life where she would help others to have a good life too.
She studied at the Robbins Madanes training center,  finished the Core 100 training, and started her coaching company in 2019 so now she is helping people in a good way to let them have a happy and fulfilling life.